An earlier time

An earlier time
My autographed "Bobby Seale" copy

Sunday, July 31, 2005

Ah yes! More Attitude from Madboy!

Here's a prime example of Zak's poor attitude...I told him of this blog I was working on and he expressed an interest in having one too..."Great!", I said, and proceeded to set it up with him and show him how to post and publish. Prior to this I had been online checking on bedroom furniture for him since he wanted to eventually "trick out" his room in Dragon Ball Z style. After setting up the blog and showing him the how-tos, I told him that when I finished what I was doing in a couple of minutes that he could get on and blog his little heart out. Immediately he scowled, stomped his feet and said,"If I can't get on RIGHT NOW then I don't want to have a blog anyway...Just cancel it!" This always is his little boy way of thinking that talking to me like that, in that tone of voice, will cause me to stop what I am doing and turn it over to him....but Daddy don't play that! Instead, I said,"Fine then I certainly will delete it now and I won't help to set it up again!" This is only one example of several times TODAY that he has done that. It occurs most often when he is at the tail end of his medicine before the next dose...HOWEVER, it is a part of his normal behavior too so ADHD can only brought into consideration as pertaining to the quickness of the onset of the attitude (ala impulsiveness). Not only do I have to deal with the ADHD side of these guys but they also go through the normal "kid" stages of development and the pitfalls there too! Is it any wonder that I find myself trying to run into oncoming traffic sometimes?...It's a rough life to say the least and certainly extremely rough on a single parent in poor health!

The Boyz

This is Lennon, my youngest at 10...yes, of course I had to name him after one of the more emotional and complicated Beatles!....Couldn't I have named him after a calmer George?...Nope...John's thinking was more in tune with mine as I grew up!...Lennon's ADHD manifests itself in him through his physical got to have his hands on someone!
Zachary at oldest child and becoming increasingly vocal and rebelious! A true test of my patience and understanding! A very intelligent, loving, and opinionated child. The ADHD manifests itself in him through his attitude and his mouth!

Let's Start My Reality!

Ok Folks! Let's get acquainted!...This is me obviously on a day when I am able to function happily!...or maybe the boyz are unleashed elsewhere on an unsuspecting world! I have good days and bad due to a) my health or b) the state of the boyz!