An earlier time

An earlier time
My autographed "Bobby Seale" copy

Monday, February 26, 2007

Everything happens for a reason?

The picure above is of two very dear friends of ya both! Let me begin by saying "Happy Birthday Scott...wherever you are buddy!" Scott was my friend who was more like a brother to me. He died tragically with his girlfriend in a car wreck in June of 2006...February 26th is his birthday. Recently a girl I once dated and cared very much about died of cancer. Now I turn on the news and see where a girl I dated many years before in high school was murdered by the man she married....which just happened to be the guy she began seeing after we broke up...(I dunno...she could've been seeing him while we were dating...he lived just down the road from her.) The world is a messed up place and when it's my time to leave it don't fool yourself into thinking that I'd want to come back into it at all. No way Jose! I am concerned for my sons and what they will be forced to endure and I am sorry for that...may the Lord be with them always. I find no other reason to stay here but for them. That's not to say that I would try to leave....that's God's choice as to how and when....suffice it to say that he won't have a fight outta me to stay. We'll talk later...tomorrow I'll be in better humor and perhaps you won't be cursing me so to all-Jeff

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Don't make me laugh Weatherman!

Again the subject of weather rears it's ugly head. They are predicting for tonight a significant amount of snowfall. Don't think for a minute it will actually happen. These mountains make winter weather predictions impossible with any degree of accuracy. I suppose that the local weatherman probably is cursed at as much as that nutbag of a president we have. Nah! least not by me...I curse at "Dubya" much more! Hopefully they will miss this forecast as it could keep the boyz out of school and no one but the teachers want that to happen. I would like to see at least one good snowfall though, since I bought the boyz new snow boots (and they won't wear them unless it does snow!) Things have been relatively calm here the last couple of days. I have enrolled Lennon in a program to get him some help with his particular circumstances. It's called Universal and it is a support system of psychiatrists, nurses, psycologists, and counselors. I certainly hope that it will help. Lennon and I are so much alike. We butt heads alot within the normal stages of growth and development and even more so because of the apparent disorders/syndromes. We both have a rough time adjusting but we are working on it...especially me. In spite of the difficulties in raising children with ADHD and a splash of autism, these kids know that they are loved. We all say and do alot of wrong things when we get upset but when the dust settles I know that they love me and they know that I think the world of them and that they are my reason for living. We are working at making each day better and better. For right now my day tomorrow will be much better if it does snow and get it over with before Monday! Then I will only have George W. Bush to curse and poor Bob Caldwell can rest easier! Love to all-Jeff...I mean...J. Smith!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

If only I could disappear!

Life is one strange trip alright! Bad things come...bad things go....good things too! Here at home we just recovered from the latest malady. We went back into our normal (I use that word hesitantly in discussing this family! I am sure by now you understand why!) routines. Boyz went back to school...I returned to household things...The dog returned to being my ex wife returned to being the pain that only she can be....well, only worse. Andrea returned from the store a while ago and sat down on the couch in tears. She had rear ended some woman's car and tore the crap out of her mustang which now sits in my driveway. This just after starting a new job and beginning to get caught up on her back child support. Guess things never really go well for me...for long....ever! What this means now is that she will have yet another excuse for...a. not paying me back the money I loaned her to get the damned thing street legal recently (tag, inspection, fine...) b. She will have more reasons why she can't catch up on her child support and c. She'll constantly be bothering me for a ride to work and to borrow money for this and that.....anyway...I will be the one with the majority of the headaches from this accident. I rarely ride with Andrea anywhere...I don't like the way she drives...The few times I have ridden with her I have said things like "Slow don't need to go that fast!" and "You better not follow that guy so close...if he bows up on you, you'll be eatin' outta his trunk!" or the advice I give to anyone I ride with..."Drive like you're sane and watch everybody else...90% of 'em are idiots!". Just as my boyz and the rest of the world ignores did she. Oh! Yes! I am one of these people that will say, "I told you so!" That's genetics baby! I am a Crisp no matter how diluted by Sandlin or Plott...and Crisps not only always believe themselves to be right but the few times they actually are....they will certainly say "I told you!"...I am in the process of changing my name to Smith, John Smith. I want to try to retreat into anonymity. "Give peace a chance"...and give me a chance for peace! to all....-J.C. Smith (soon to be relocated to Smithfield!)

Saturday, February 10, 2007

We hate Germs!!!

I've been sick many, many times before. I have taken care of my sick Daddy at the same time I was caring for my sick children and wondering if I was going to pass out any minute from being in the same condition! One of my worst memories is of trying to doctor my sons and having to stop to expel nastiness myself with all of us running a temp. At least this time wasn't quite as bad...I say "quite as bad" because of the stages being slightly different. Every nasty symptom of the flu one can have....we had. Especially me! The boyz seem to have benefited from the fact that they are young and their immune systems are strong. They were down a much shorter period of time and they recovered much faster. Thank God for that at least! I don't mind remaining sick as long as my children are ok! Anyway, I can recall in many years past when I have had the flu on or about my birthday and this has been one of those years. As a result I am miles behind in everything...housework (you never know just how many towels and washcloths you have until you are sick and have to wash ALL of them!), my blog here, paying my bills that get paid at the first of the month, and dishes (can you really put chicken broth in that many containers?). I am cleaning as I feel like it and using the devil outta some disinfectant! (I don't want this crap to return!) Prior to our sickness I had a chance to visit with an old and very dear friend of mine that I hadn't had the opportunity to see in years. Her name is Vickie Motz and she is such a wonderful woman. She has a wonderful family that I know suffered without her way up north while she attempted to care for her mother who was in a bad way in the hospital. Sadly her mother is one of those people who has an inability to appreciate those who do things from the goodness of their hearts so that part of her visit was a bummer and a half. The good part was that she got to see my boyz again and we were able to chat over a wonderful dinner at Cracker Barrel! We were able to get together with another old friend, Terri Greenarch. It was wonderful to see them both again and I hope to be able to visit with them more sometime. I would especially love to see Vickie and Darrin's beautiful little girls (have seen the pictures and they are cutie pies!). Well anyway I just wanted to record the small medical disaster here (I did have to go to the hospital by ambulance because of the pain...and not knowing it was a bad virus prior to the boyz coming down with it!)....But one of my favorite quotes comes from John Astin's character on the hit TV show "Night Court" (John plays Buddy, a former mental patient who meets and marries Judge Harry Stone's mother, who was also a patient there!)...After an mental type episode of anything Buddy's reply is usually "But I'm feeling much better now!".....and I to all!...Jeff

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Today is my birthday!

I don't usually have much to say about another birthday (I am trying to forget them!) but this one is different. I am now a half a century old! There's a zero in my age again for the first time in 10 years and the first number has changed too. I feel old...guess that's what bothers me the most. I am physically and mentally drained! I do not expect to ever have a birthday with a zero in it this is probably my last time too of making any kind of mention of my birthday. I took the boyz to Chuck E. Cheese's today because what makes me happy on my birthday is seeing them happy! They played many games and had fun while I ate the no-so-great pizza they serve (hey!...delicious pizza is not the drawing card!). I am going to settle down now and get ready for the Superbowl....even though my favorites, the Philadelphia Eagles, decided not to give me the ultimate in birthday presents by making to, and winning, this Superbowl! Guess I'll have to pull for the Colts...I want Archie Manning to get some kind of Superbowl recognition by having his son, Peyton, to win the big game. Poor Archie!...One of the greatest quarterbacks to play the game...All those years he played with the New Orleans Saints and the rest of the team stunk! Good Luck Archie! May your son bring you honor!...May all our sons bring us honor....and cake!...Love to all -Jeff- old and used...for the most part abused...body out of control...but I still rock and roll...well roll anyway!