An earlier time

An earlier time
My autographed "Bobby Seale" copy

Monday, February 20, 2006

Every Thing Changes

I hear people constantly saying how different life is now than when they were young. They say that times have changed, that the world has changed. It's true! Our world is one of constant changes. Life has to adapt to those changes or cease to exist. We change the rules and structure of our sports to make it what we desire, be it equality, acceptability,or perhaps uniformity. With each lurch forward of technology we roll with the changes. We change our routines, our fashions, our ideals, our dreams. Certainly many changes require leaving a part of the familiar behind. We morn the loss often by classifying the good parts as nostalgia so that we might "visit" from time to time. Tradition becomes short lived and probably should to allow us to adapt. There is one area that warrants our attention as it affects our lives more often than not negatively. That area?...relationships! We make all these changes to adapt in every other aspect yet we cling to traditional blueprints for relationships. I am so happy to have broken from the bonds of traditional relationships. I have so often examined my past relationships in order to discover to whom fault could be attributed in it's demise. Many times I have been riddled with guilt, blaming myself for either what I did to have caused it to go sour or what I could have done differently to preserve it. It was the realization that since the largest percentage of the world changes then too perhaps so should the traditional relationship. I also had to figure in my beliefs in the soul's connection to other souls.(This, however, might become a topic for later revelations into my way of interpreting existence.)
All of this posting so far is to announce the following information. I have found someone that I am enjoying so very much. She is such an intelligent and caring individual and I am very lucky that she desires to spend time with me. The relationship from the outset has felt differently than any other beginning I've had with anyone else. It is not a forced relationship where one feels the need to do the traditional compromises to keep the other happy. It is a relationship founded solely in the fact that we have so much in common and we both feel it to be wrong not to be together in celebration of those things. I feel comfortable. I feel special. We each have other things going on in our lives but we each seem to need someone of the same understanding of the world, the understanding of true meaningful togetherness. Whether you wish to chalk it up to fate, karma, answers to prayers, or simply blind luck, we have found each other. We are content to spend time together without restrictions and we know that our enjoyment comes from knowing that the other is respectful of feelings and needs. Neither one of us feels the need to force or control our interaction. We simply enjoy each other and as to the level that our relationship will reach, we understand that it will be dictated only by the desire to be together on common ground. I have no desire to dwell one iota on the differences in order to bring her to my belief in any area. That area of differences seems so minute anyway. That brings us to my understanding....In a truly successful relationship the core of success is embodied in simplicity. You need only to rejoice together in common enjoyment. That, to me, is the evolutionary change that the traditional relationship must make to bring about success.I don't dare to tear the traditional down for others who have made it work. Suffice it to say it just hasn't worked for me. The traditional relationship has always had that key inside perhaps, but with it comes the differences that most seem determined to deal with through simple toleration, or compromise to avoid a clash in control. The traditional relationship seems determined to put the majority of control in the hands of one or the other.I am so happy that I have found someone who seems to feel as I do...that happiness comes from 2 souls with similar wants and needs, with no desire to be controlled or to control, that refuse to force anything in any direction, and only want to be together to feel wanted, secure, and celebrate the life we have been gifted with!....Thank you Stephanie!...You are truly special and that too is how you make me feel!....Love to all...Jeff

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Birthdays...Gotta Go!

Don't get me wrong.I don't want ALL birthdays to go!...Just mine.February 4th was mine and it was enjoyable to a point and my boyz tried to make it special at first! There's always one persistent curse associated with any situation where I am having just too much enjoyment...Some form of bad luck rears it's ugly head and threatens to choke the life out of my good time. Let's face one fact birthday is not exactly filled with wonderful historical events in any given year. Here's a few examples of February 4 occurrences: 1938- Hitler takes command of the German army
1991- Baseball Hall of Fame votes to bar Pete Rose from induction because of gambling
1971- Rolls Royce goes bankrupt after a disastrous contract to supply aero engines to Lockheed Aircraft
1988- Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega is extradited to the US to face drug charges
1974- Patty Hearst was kidnapped by the Symbionese Liberation Army and later was convicted on charges herself for joining in their crimes on another February 4th.
1969 - With Yasser Arafat as its leader, the Palestine Liberation Organization (P.L.O.) was founded on February 4, 1969.
1998- Bill Gates got a faceful of cream pie in Brussels as he arrived for a meeting with business and government leaders.
1861- American secessionist states meet in Alabama to form the Confederate States of America.
1998- Convicted murderer Karla Faye Tucker becomes the first woman to be executed in Texas, USA since the American Civil War.
1998- Roughly four thousand people are feared to have died in an earthquake in Afghanistan.
1983- American singer Karen Carpenter - partner of brother Richard - dies in Los Angeles from a suspected heart attacked linked to her earlier illness of anorexia nervosa.

Get the picture? February the 4th just ain't that lucky of a day! To begin with I was awakened with a nice thunderstorm and the entire day was rainy and overcast with a forecast of snow later. My energy level flatlined at zero and my body attempted to overdose on pain nevertheless I took the boyz to Target to spend their allowance and they wanted to get me something too. When we returned the boyz settled in to playing with their new items and I decided a movie was in order. I settled for "Monty Python's The Meaning of Life". Those guys were too much....always! Then the daily struggle began as normal...referee, fixing meals..."eat Lennon...EAT!"..."Somebody pull that dog out from under that bed and put him out for a minute!"...."Medicine Thirty!"..."Zak, leave him alone!"...At last bedtime came and of course Lennon seemed determined to stay up till dawn. Finally I was able to find time to write here after he fell asleep and left me wide awake and hurting again as snowflakes continued falling outside. The one thing that helped was meeting someone recently that I have enjoyed talking with but look for more "birthday luck" by not being able to enjoy them more or something happening if I do. Let's don't take note of my birthday anymore...let's hide until it's over. Love to all...Jeff

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Spin the Sickness Wheel!

Don't ya just hate this time of the year?...I do, especially with this warmer weather. Kids closed in all day with various friends and various viruses...and they bring it all home for Dad. Hey!...that might be part of a name for a new Heavy Metal rock band...Various Vicious Viruses...and perhaps their first hit might be titled " Wheezin' an' Sneezin'" from the album entitled "Rippin' Out Your Insides". Anyway...we all have been sick for a good while with the latest respiratory ailment. I was just praying that with our immune systems down we didn't add something worse to the mix. Everything is fine now...all have recovered and I am watching every bird I see for any wobble or indication of it being I haven't had much time for anything but catching up on household projects but I have been trying to make time to enjoy myself a little... (Lots of things I haven't had the chance to do in a very long...long...time and actually still haven't but we'll discuss that later!) I'll keep this short for the moment but I really need to find time to put some of my thoughts here (careful Jeff!...some don't belong!)...wait!...that was supposed to be a mental note...oh well! You see?....Time to fix the boyz supper and I am somewhere else. Anyway!...Take care! to all....Jeff