An earlier time

An earlier time
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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Alien or Questionable Sanity?

Does it ever seem to you that the entire rest of the world is geared toward the braindead?...Sometimes it so overwhelmingly seems that way that I am forced to question whether it's truly the world or maybe just me. As there are mixed races of people here in America, perhaps Earth is a planet that is abundant with mixed life from other planets!'t laugh!...Lately I have to consider that as a possibility. Ok! So you DO think it's just me huh? Let's do something that normally I despise. Let's make a list!...Here goes!
1. Our nation's leaders can send in an army to another spot in the world within 24 hours and can't do it inside the continental U.S. (Alien life forms would be more adept at providing support from a staging area away from their planet than they would at me, that's why their planets are constantly in danger of destruction and they feel the need for universal expansion to preserve their kind!)
2. I have never had a drive thru order ANYWHERE that came to me completely filled even with each item shown on a variety of screens and the order checked by more than one person! (Perhaps automation reigns on their planet!)
3. My oldest child wasn't given his medication at school for the first 20 days because of an oversight. (Alien life forms are more advanced's true!...they aren't necessarily more intelligent...just more advanced...they have arrived HERE and we can't seem to get THERE! Therefore keeping up with paperwork is so primitive to them that they become confused with no available robots to aid them!)
4. I ordered a new cell phone online and checked the box to associate my present phone number with the account of the new one but when it arrived it had a totally new number and new account. I was told that I must return that phone and go to the local store and get another of the same kind of phone I had ordered and they could associate my present number with it. Yet they were unable to do that with the new one I had received. (Aliens don't want us to stay in perfect communication with each other in fear that we will get together and sniff them out...therefore confusion has ALWAYS worked with humans!...Check out our history!)
5. It is a constant struggle to survive. (In order to take over Earth we must constantly be not only confused but distracted as we attempt to wade through the confusion! Aliens know this and use it well!)
6. My children are wonderfully strange at best and much like the beasts of science fiction stories at worst! (Aliens are among us and we have interbred with them producing offspring with attributes of both...This I know because of that with which I bred can't possibly be all human!)
So there you have it! Only a handful of the many things occurring on a daily basis that either have me wondering one of 3 things...Are aliens here and taking over?....Am I from another planet and sent here as punishment or as an advance party?....or....Is my sanity now an issue for a professional to address? to all...Jeff

Thursday, September 15, 2005

The Kiss of Death For Me

It's been nearly a week since I posted here. The reasons are many for not doing so earlier but one stands out as the main. Music!!! For those of you who know me well, music has been an integral part of my life. It's not that I have been blessed with any musical talent at all just that I love to listen to many different genres of music. My collections have ranged from heavy metal to country, bluegrass to classical and back. My favorites range from Beatles to George Jones to Toxic Viceroy to Vivaldi and sprinkled with Bowling For Soup just to name a few. Imagine my delight at finding one website in particular that I could download music from at a mere 10 cents a song. I have downloaded many songs from many places for free, mind you, but at 10 cents a song getting an excellent sound quality with no worries about bad files and so many good artists to choose from has held me spellbound during my small amount of free time. I have found many tracks that I used to have on vinyl. (I sold an extensive record, tape, and cd collection before moving, so I basically started over!)
So having so much music to choose from has truly been the "kiss of death" for me and so many beautiful days with no rain has allowed me to have good health enough to get lots of house/yard work taken care of. This has given me little time to post here!..To those of you who actually care enough to read here what I write I apologize for the gap in posts and hopefully won't happen again!...Love to all, Jeff

Thursday, September 08, 2005

The Experiment

I have long believed that my children are dead set sometimes on trying to reverse the tone of the day from good to bad. Lately I have experimented to find out if this belief is valid. Upon completion of a satisfactory period of observance I found that not enough circumstantial evidence exists to say the belief is true but there is enough to say that it is probable. In light of that revelation I have endeavored to answer the question "Why?"
First let me enlighten you how I set up this experiment. Each morning when we awaken I struggle to keep the boyz on a regular tight schedule since I take them to 2 different schools and they have to be there at 2 different times. I am unable to give them their medicine immediately after rising. Meds must be structured so that they can focus at their full potential for school and beyond so I am forced to deal with full blown ADHD symptoms before and during breakfast! They focus on fighting with each other. Their impulses cause distraction from their meal and helps to delay the rest of getting ready for school. I began to notice that each time I began the day with a very happy mindset somewhere along the line their behavior worsened and certainly gave me no opportunity to remain happy. On the mornings that I openly expressed my feeling that it was such a wonderful day their negative reactions were almost immediate. I decided to try to express that feeling every day for 4 days. Each of those 4 days the boyz began the day in a good mood UNTIL I voiced my opinion. Lennon went from a clinging "Daddy, you are great!" boy to demon child. Zak would say anything he knew would upset Lennon and I would be exhausted, after dropping the last one off, from all the refereeing and pushing to get ready.
Then for 4 days I began the day with a solemn manner and said little beyond the normal pushing that it takes to get going and keep order. On these mornings they seem to try to determine my mindset by sometimes trying to impress me with doing the right things thereby getting a reaction from me or by trying to get me to talk more. The mornings, for them anyway, seemed to go easier. I concluded that, although they sought to exhort some type of control, it was me that actually controlled the outcome based on my reaction to their actions. The more stable and determined I seemed the more they tried to control my mood. They seemed aware when I was in such a happy mood that their good actions only made me happier and they seemed to feel more controlling by countering with that which they were already prone to do...give in to the impulse to be difficult.
I suppose that from now on my best recourse is to keep most of my happiness to myself until I figure a way to make it contagious!....For me there again is a song that describes my life....Ringo Starr's "It Don't Come Easy". Love to all....Jeff

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Yeah...Right!..Labor Day...hmmph

Labor Day...well they named that one right!...With school out an extra day to celebrate such a vile holiday makes me recreation director, cook, chauffeur, nurse, and referee one day longer at a stretch than normal. That should make Tuesday MY holiday. It could be if it wasn't for the laundry goading me with the cries of, "Wash me Jeff, I promise that I'll fold myself...Tee! Hee!", or "They'll wear more Jeff...they'll wear more!" Big mouthed piles of threads!
Mornings on a schedule, as I've evidenced in previous posts, are exhausting enough with ADHD children especially when you have to schedule the medicine to coincide with school. Holidays present you with a different twist. Since there is no school I always let them sleep as long as they want and of course they awaken at different times so I go through the breakfast, medicine routines at least twice. Lennon is an early riser and Zak a later one. This puts them taking their medicines at different times and therefore much more difficult to keep up with.
Weekends and holidays are also the only time during the school year that they are allowed to play their playstation and/or gameboys. I have to also keep track of whose turn it is and when it's time to switch. Granted, it should be their responsibility but when they play separately (and often they do) both the one playing and the one watching are totally oblivious to time until after the fact. At some point you have to MAKE them go outside. My how times have changed! My mother had to fight to keep us inside.
No matter how you look at it Labor Day is certainly not my day to rest and with this foul mouth doesn't look as if Tuesday is either..Love, Jeff