An earlier time

An earlier time
My autographed "Bobby Seale" copy

Thursday, September 15, 2005

The Kiss of Death For Me

It's been nearly a week since I posted here. The reasons are many for not doing so earlier but one stands out as the main. Music!!! For those of you who know me well, music has been an integral part of my life. It's not that I have been blessed with any musical talent at all just that I love to listen to many different genres of music. My collections have ranged from heavy metal to country, bluegrass to classical and back. My favorites range from Beatles to George Jones to Toxic Viceroy to Vivaldi and sprinkled with Bowling For Soup just to name a few. Imagine my delight at finding one website in particular that I could download music from at a mere 10 cents a song. I have downloaded many songs from many places for free, mind you, but at 10 cents a song getting an excellent sound quality with no worries about bad files and so many good artists to choose from has held me spellbound during my small amount of free time. I have found many tracks that I used to have on vinyl. (I sold an extensive record, tape, and cd collection before moving, so I basically started over!)
So having so much music to choose from has truly been the "kiss of death" for me and so many beautiful days with no rain has allowed me to have good health enough to get lots of house/yard work taken care of. This has given me little time to post here!..To those of you who actually care enough to read here what I write I apologize for the gap in posts and hopefully won't happen again!...Love to all, Jeff