An earlier time

An earlier time
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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Alien or Questionable Sanity?

Does it ever seem to you that the entire rest of the world is geared toward the braindead?...Sometimes it so overwhelmingly seems that way that I am forced to question whether it's truly the world or maybe just me. As there are mixed races of people here in America, perhaps Earth is a planet that is abundant with mixed life from other planets!'t laugh!...Lately I have to consider that as a possibility. Ok! So you DO think it's just me huh? Let's do something that normally I despise. Let's make a list!...Here goes!
1. Our nation's leaders can send in an army to another spot in the world within 24 hours and can't do it inside the continental U.S. (Alien life forms would be more adept at providing support from a staging area away from their planet than they would at me, that's why their planets are constantly in danger of destruction and they feel the need for universal expansion to preserve their kind!)
2. I have never had a drive thru order ANYWHERE that came to me completely filled even with each item shown on a variety of screens and the order checked by more than one person! (Perhaps automation reigns on their planet!)
3. My oldest child wasn't given his medication at school for the first 20 days because of an oversight. (Alien life forms are more advanced's true!...they aren't necessarily more intelligent...just more advanced...they have arrived HERE and we can't seem to get THERE! Therefore keeping up with paperwork is so primitive to them that they become confused with no available robots to aid them!)
4. I ordered a new cell phone online and checked the box to associate my present phone number with the account of the new one but when it arrived it had a totally new number and new account. I was told that I must return that phone and go to the local store and get another of the same kind of phone I had ordered and they could associate my present number with it. Yet they were unable to do that with the new one I had received. (Aliens don't want us to stay in perfect communication with each other in fear that we will get together and sniff them out...therefore confusion has ALWAYS worked with humans!...Check out our history!)
5. It is a constant struggle to survive. (In order to take over Earth we must constantly be not only confused but distracted as we attempt to wade through the confusion! Aliens know this and use it well!)
6. My children are wonderfully strange at best and much like the beasts of science fiction stories at worst! (Aliens are among us and we have interbred with them producing offspring with attributes of both...This I know because of that with which I bred can't possibly be all human!)
So there you have it! Only a handful of the many things occurring on a daily basis that either have me wondering one of 3 things...Are aliens here and taking over?....Am I from another planet and sent here as punishment or as an advance party?....or....Is my sanity now an issue for a professional to address? to all...Jeff