An earlier time

An earlier time
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Monday, December 26, 2005

Getting Back to What Is Right

Amazing to me is the great percentage of misfortune that can amass around a person vs. the small amount of good. This Christmas season has been one awash with tribulation. My wonderful aunt Cecile had cancer surgery and had a leg removed. Pain has continued to worsen for me with each passing day. My sweet little boy Lennon came down with strep throat and I shared that with him. Luckily my fine oldest son Zak didn't catch it! I dropped my cell phone (almost brand new....see previous posts) into a glass of grape koolaid. I am currently working on getting it to work again! We had as merry a Christmas as humanly possible under the circumstances. I have had to try to find the time to work on renewing my faith in what I believe. The greatest difficuty is considering myself Christian but having so many differences with the Christian teachings of the Christian churches and their interpretation of the Bible. I have many qualms about the Bible in its present day form. I won't go into all that here but suffice it to say that I truly believe that a Christian has to take the Bible and sift through what has been left that actually is a message of God and overlook a lot of mans twisting to fit the times. I also do not believe that the Bible is the ONLY word of God. Over the years my opinion has changed mainly due to my children. The Bible teaches that as Christians we are obligated to follow the rules of Christian conduct or suffer consequences of our misbehavior. My children are both ADHD and I have watched them struggle with trying to do good when there is a definite hormonal imbalance that prevents them from being able to do that until their medicines help restore the balance. Then they recall their misbehavior and consider themselves bad children. My question is...What about all the children that have come before the advent of modern medicine and were as afflicted as mine are? The world has considered their behavior as bad and I am sure that no one ever told them that perhaps it wasn't their fault at times. I have to continually tell myself that our Maker will sort that out in the long run but some Christians of today would look at these children and have no understanding of what is involved. Well let me tell you children are raised as Christians and yet they are told the truth about the entire situation! Just the other day my oldest Zak came to me and asked if people who followed other religions were all going to hell. From a biblical Christian concept they are...In my understanding?...No they are not all going to. I do believe that God walked among us in the form of Jesus Christ but I also believe that the same teachings of Christ are found in many other religions and God has walked among us more than once and has introduced his word in a way that others would understand. All the major world religions have been contaminated by man and it takes a great understanding and patience to see God's message. One of the truest things that appear in the Bible is that few will actually understand the true message of God. Well, what started out to be something simple has now turned into my lengthy opinion so for now I will close. Thanks for the blog...It really makes me feel better and stronger just to talk about this. One thing I will never do intentionally is hold against my children what is not their fault and no one can convince me that MY maker will either.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The Curse

Many times I have encountered explanations for mysteries in my life. Perhaps I should say "possible explanations". It's always nice to have something that will very easily explain troubling situations.
Such is the case with the recent "blanket curse" possibility put forth by this French psychic that saw fit to email me with a warning and for a fee would protect me from the 35 year old curse. She told me that the reason for all my bad luck, especially my physical state, was the result of the transgression by one of my close family members against someone (she says I was 13 years old) who retaliated by putting a curse on my entire family. She further stated that the person who had cursed us was most likely dead and that I could lift it with her help and of course $29.95. Oh if only that were true!....Heh! Heh! Heh! Wouldn't that be a hoot? The sad truth in all this is that there are people who would actually believe this and she's making a living off the stupid. Many times in my life I have paused in wonder at my percentages of good fortune vs bad. It seemed that the law of averages at times was being manipulated overwhelmingly in favor of bad.
Here's the scoop on why I am not cursed and in reality have been blessed. How could anyone in their right mind not know the difference in man's work and that of God? All my misfortune has actually been God trying to get the attention of a stubborn man by allowing me to have it my way to the point of misery. The solution to my "curse" certainly doesn't cost $29.95....It's always free!....Love to all, Jeff