An earlier time

An earlier time
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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Yeah...Right!..Labor Day...hmmph

Labor Day...well they named that one right!...With school out an extra day to celebrate such a vile holiday makes me recreation director, cook, chauffeur, nurse, and referee one day longer at a stretch than normal. That should make Tuesday MY holiday. It could be if it wasn't for the laundry goading me with the cries of, "Wash me Jeff, I promise that I'll fold myself...Tee! Hee!", or "They'll wear more Jeff...they'll wear more!" Big mouthed piles of threads!
Mornings on a schedule, as I've evidenced in previous posts, are exhausting enough with ADHD children especially when you have to schedule the medicine to coincide with school. Holidays present you with a different twist. Since there is no school I always let them sleep as long as they want and of course they awaken at different times so I go through the breakfast, medicine routines at least twice. Lennon is an early riser and Zak a later one. This puts them taking their medicines at different times and therefore much more difficult to keep up with.
Weekends and holidays are also the only time during the school year that they are allowed to play their playstation and/or gameboys. I have to also keep track of whose turn it is and when it's time to switch. Granted, it should be their responsibility but when they play separately (and often they do) both the one playing and the one watching are totally oblivious to time until after the fact. At some point you have to MAKE them go outside. My how times have changed! My mother had to fight to keep us inside.
No matter how you look at it Labor Day is certainly not my day to rest and with this foul mouth doesn't look as if Tuesday is either..Love, Jeff