An earlier time

An earlier time
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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Time For Introspection

As events have unfolded in New Orleans I have taken extra time to examine the importance of many areas of life here with the lions. All of a sudden picking up after themselves, making more of a mess than necessary, keeping certain time schedules, and matching clothes properly didn't seem to matter much. You see whole neighborhoods on the news flooded to the rooftops and you realize that the day before Hurricane Katrina hit that many households too put emphasis on all those things. The big difference being that many of those people not only lost their homes but the lives of family members. You can't help but look at your children and your life differently. Except for the grace of God.....
I took the time this morning before getting the boyz ready for school to sit them down and have them reflect too. I explained to them that if we had lived in New Orleans we'd most likely wouldn't have made it and they should be so very thankful of being where they are and having all they do. I try to use every opportunity to get them to be appreciative of each other because there may come a day when each other is all they have. Tragedy should cause that kind of introspection in people who place importance on virtue. It's just that sometimes we tend to prioritize our lives improperly and it takes an occurrence of this sort to steer us back the right way. The stories unfolding are heartbreaking and some scenarios you'd never have thought of. For example, think of the members of the armed forces overseas in Iraq. There they are, putting their lives in danger, believing that their families are safe back home and then finding out that they now have no home to come back to and are unable to determine if those families are even alive. All the more reason to end the garbage heap we are in over there and get our people back here.
There's not much of a positive feeling in my heart today but I have taken positive action...I have prayed and taken the time for introspection...Love to all...Jeff