An earlier time

An earlier time
My autographed "Bobby Seale" copy

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Humor Has to be Included

The elephant! One of my favorite of God's creatures. The elephant is big, strong, and intelligent...everything I have perceived myself to be at one time or another. Now the only one of those descriptive words I can identify with is big! Rarely is the elephant prone to violence...only if it feels that it or it's family appears threatened. As the world becomes more densely populated and technologically advanced the elephant's existence becomes more difficult. That seems to be happening to me as well. Sometimes it seems as though life is overwhelming! To deal with it you have to condition yourself to not take everything so seriously. God created humor! (If you don't believe that take a look at the people around you!) I have a problem with allowing the balance of humor and seriousness to become lopsided on the seriousness side. Hey! I am working on that too! ADHD kids have a certain amount of humor associated with the symptoms of the disorder if you pause sometimes from the seriousness. They become so predictable in their reactions to certain stimuli and anyone that has known me for a while knows that, if I feel good, predictability opens the door to my "sometimes" twisted humor. Case in point...The boyz always delight in picking out, for their treats, some of the most sour tasting candies and drinks known to man. They delight in getting their otherwise distracted dad to taste them and they roll with laughter as it puckers my mouth and my eyes roll back in my head. They constantly try to do this and it's rare when I retaliate but a couple of days ago I did! Zak had chosen a sour watermelon drink when we were out running errands. I really didn't pay much attention to what type he had purchased. When he told me how good his drink tasted and told me to try it I did so without thinking. He howled in laughter as I spit and complained. Later the drink ended up on the coffee table in front of me. It soon became medicine time and Lennon was in the vicinity. I thrust his pill toward him and handed him Zak's drink. He was watching TV and was mindlessly taking the meds until he sipped the drink! He then ran to the bathroom and began spitting, whining at the sour taste and the fact that Daddy got him. Poor guy! After my brief victory celebration I, of course, had to console him and remind him of all the times he had done the same thing to me. Small bit of humor in life but helpful.
Many times in the mornings I will wake them to the sounds of some juvenile theme song from their past stored on my computer and played at a loud volume (such as the theme song of Barney the dinosaur!) knowing that they will awaken in anger and wishing me harm for doing that! Little do they know the extent of their Dad's humor as they grow older and if they did, they would delight in this harmless side of it!...They will learn!...Someday they will have to have their dates meet their Dad so the opportunities for payback are countless depending on my continued survival. Maybe sometimes they do realize this and that is their reason for trying to shorten my lifespan with their actions! they slowly realize that God has allowed them to inherit portions of their Dad's humor and I certainly hope they don't refine it because then my existence becomes threatened and, like the elephant, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to find jungle to hide in!...Love Jeff