An earlier time

An earlier time
My autographed "Bobby Seale" copy

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

If only I could disappear!

Life is one strange trip alright! Bad things come...bad things go....good things too! Here at home we just recovered from the latest malady. We went back into our normal (I use that word hesitantly in discussing this family! I am sure by now you understand why!) routines. Boyz went back to school...I returned to household things...The dog returned to being my ex wife returned to being the pain that only she can be....well, only worse. Andrea returned from the store a while ago and sat down on the couch in tears. She had rear ended some woman's car and tore the crap out of her mustang which now sits in my driveway. This just after starting a new job and beginning to get caught up on her back child support. Guess things never really go well for me...for long....ever! What this means now is that she will have yet another excuse for...a. not paying me back the money I loaned her to get the damned thing street legal recently (tag, inspection, fine...) b. She will have more reasons why she can't catch up on her child support and c. She'll constantly be bothering me for a ride to work and to borrow money for this and that.....anyway...I will be the one with the majority of the headaches from this accident. I rarely ride with Andrea anywhere...I don't like the way she drives...The few times I have ridden with her I have said things like "Slow don't need to go that fast!" and "You better not follow that guy so close...if he bows up on you, you'll be eatin' outta his trunk!" or the advice I give to anyone I ride with..."Drive like you're sane and watch everybody else...90% of 'em are idiots!". Just as my boyz and the rest of the world ignores did she. Oh! Yes! I am one of these people that will say, "I told you so!" That's genetics baby! I am a Crisp no matter how diluted by Sandlin or Plott...and Crisps not only always believe themselves to be right but the few times they actually are....they will certainly say "I told you!"...I am in the process of changing my name to Smith, John Smith. I want to try to retreat into anonymity. "Give peace a chance"...and give me a chance for peace! to all....-J.C. Smith (soon to be relocated to Smithfield!)

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