An earlier time

An earlier time
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Saturday, February 10, 2007

We hate Germs!!!

I've been sick many, many times before. I have taken care of my sick Daddy at the same time I was caring for my sick children and wondering if I was going to pass out any minute from being in the same condition! One of my worst memories is of trying to doctor my sons and having to stop to expel nastiness myself with all of us running a temp. At least this time wasn't quite as bad...I say "quite as bad" because of the stages being slightly different. Every nasty symptom of the flu one can have....we had. Especially me! The boyz seem to have benefited from the fact that they are young and their immune systems are strong. They were down a much shorter period of time and they recovered much faster. Thank God for that at least! I don't mind remaining sick as long as my children are ok! Anyway, I can recall in many years past when I have had the flu on or about my birthday and this has been one of those years. As a result I am miles behind in everything...housework (you never know just how many towels and washcloths you have until you are sick and have to wash ALL of them!), my blog here, paying my bills that get paid at the first of the month, and dishes (can you really put chicken broth in that many containers?). I am cleaning as I feel like it and using the devil outta some disinfectant! (I don't want this crap to return!) Prior to our sickness I had a chance to visit with an old and very dear friend of mine that I hadn't had the opportunity to see in years. Her name is Vickie Motz and she is such a wonderful woman. She has a wonderful family that I know suffered without her way up north while she attempted to care for her mother who was in a bad way in the hospital. Sadly her mother is one of those people who has an inability to appreciate those who do things from the goodness of their hearts so that part of her visit was a bummer and a half. The good part was that she got to see my boyz again and we were able to chat over a wonderful dinner at Cracker Barrel! We were able to get together with another old friend, Terri Greenarch. It was wonderful to see them both again and I hope to be able to visit with them more sometime. I would especially love to see Vickie and Darrin's beautiful little girls (have seen the pictures and they are cutie pies!). Well anyway I just wanted to record the small medical disaster here (I did have to go to the hospital by ambulance because of the pain...and not knowing it was a bad virus prior to the boyz coming down with it!)....But one of my favorite quotes comes from John Astin's character on the hit TV show "Night Court" (John plays Buddy, a former mental patient who meets and marries Judge Harry Stone's mother, who was also a patient there!)...After an mental type episode of anything Buddy's reply is usually "But I'm feeling much better now!".....and I to all!...Jeff

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