An earlier time

An earlier time
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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Don't make me laugh Weatherman!

Again the subject of weather rears it's ugly head. They are predicting for tonight a significant amount of snowfall. Don't think for a minute it will actually happen. These mountains make winter weather predictions impossible with any degree of accuracy. I suppose that the local weatherman probably is cursed at as much as that nutbag of a president we have. Nah! least not by me...I curse at "Dubya" much more! Hopefully they will miss this forecast as it could keep the boyz out of school and no one but the teachers want that to happen. I would like to see at least one good snowfall though, since I bought the boyz new snow boots (and they won't wear them unless it does snow!) Things have been relatively calm here the last couple of days. I have enrolled Lennon in a program to get him some help with his particular circumstances. It's called Universal and it is a support system of psychiatrists, nurses, psycologists, and counselors. I certainly hope that it will help. Lennon and I are so much alike. We butt heads alot within the normal stages of growth and development and even more so because of the apparent disorders/syndromes. We both have a rough time adjusting but we are working on it...especially me. In spite of the difficulties in raising children with ADHD and a splash of autism, these kids know that they are loved. We all say and do alot of wrong things when we get upset but when the dust settles I know that they love me and they know that I think the world of them and that they are my reason for living. We are working at making each day better and better. For right now my day tomorrow will be much better if it does snow and get it over with before Monday! Then I will only have George W. Bush to curse and poor Bob Caldwell can rest easier! Love to all-Jeff...I mean...J. Smith!

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