An earlier time

An earlier time
My autographed "Bobby Seale" copy

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Today is my birthday!

I don't usually have much to say about another birthday (I am trying to forget them!) but this one is different. I am now a half a century old! There's a zero in my age again for the first time in 10 years and the first number has changed too. I feel old...guess that's what bothers me the most. I am physically and mentally drained! I do not expect to ever have a birthday with a zero in it this is probably my last time too of making any kind of mention of my birthday. I took the boyz to Chuck E. Cheese's today because what makes me happy on my birthday is seeing them happy! They played many games and had fun while I ate the no-so-great pizza they serve (hey!...delicious pizza is not the drawing card!). I am going to settle down now and get ready for the Superbowl....even though my favorites, the Philadelphia Eagles, decided not to give me the ultimate in birthday presents by making to, and winning, this Superbowl! Guess I'll have to pull for the Colts...I want Archie Manning to get some kind of Superbowl recognition by having his son, Peyton, to win the big game. Poor Archie!...One of the greatest quarterbacks to play the game...All those years he played with the New Orleans Saints and the rest of the team stunk! Good Luck Archie! May your son bring you honor!...May all our sons bring us honor....and cake!...Love to all -Jeff- old and used...for the most part abused...body out of control...but I still rock and roll...well roll anyway!

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