An earlier time

An earlier time
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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Drop back and punt!

Ok! It's time once again to apply the game of football to life. You have a seem to be stuck at one particular place in the field and you feel as though you will lose the game if you don't make some changes!...Drop back and punt! That's what we are doing here at the Crisp den...We go back to what last got us time to turn the game around!...Concentration Camp Daddy!....It not only serves to get the rabble in line but it awards me the opportunity to get my mind off whatever has manhandled me into feelings of despair! We have officially implemented the lock down. Yesterday the boyz were told that they had 30 minutes to get what they valued off the reading room floor or it would be swept up in short order and deposited in the trash can...Only when that actually happened did they figure it was worth their time to clean up after themselves as I expressed plans on expanding the area to include bedrooms and the den. We have gone back to the most hated of disciplinary actions...writing sentences!...25 per offense which includes rudeness, disrespect, raising of the voice in anger to the Daddy, physically attacking the brother, and destructive acts displaying anger! The first offender was Mr. 13 going on 30 but I'll act like 5 year old son. He was privy to 100 sentences after major violations of various policies! He seems much nicer now!...He'd better!...You know?...I feel much better already!...Maybe I'll be able to sleep a little tonight!...If not...I'll plan out tomorrows strategy!..Ve haff veys auff making zem comply!...Love to all-Jeff....Aunt Cecile, you are always in our prayers and thoughts!

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