An earlier time

An earlier time
My autographed "Bobby Seale" copy

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Dealt With It and Back

Rock 'n Roll!....Two words and so much power! I spent a good portion of my adolescence using music to deal with the most stressful situations in my life. Anytime one is trapped in an emotional quagmire, the mind finds ways to deal with it or totally breaks down. I have found myself of late in another such predicament.The only difference being that the first upheaval was not of my own doing. This time I am guilty of not relying on my best resources to aid in recovery. I thought back as to what I had done to drag myself through previously. Many is the time that I would barricade myself in my room and play music to help me. I have aquired more music than I could ever listen to properly and add to the stores weekly. I have a love for a number of different genres of music but rock 'n roll,(which now includes sub-genres of punk, emo, alternative, metal, goth, thrash, ska, rockabilly to name a few) will always be my favorite. I can lose myself in listening and feel the intensity of not only emotionally charged music but deep heartfelt lyrics. With stresses of the world closing in daily, I have retreated to a fortress where I feel both familiar and strengthened. Don't expect to hear the same from me anymore...I had to exile that troublesome Jeff to another world...The evolution to the next stage has begun. Forcing a new beginning is never easy...You grow to know what you have to do. You are fearful at first but you learn to conquer fear...I am human and I grew to hate being that...but I am much more than just human. Trapped in human form for the moment I have the ability to consult my soul as to what it requires. Rock 'n roll therapy!...Long overdue...sometimes I knew...."you can't always get what you want but if you try sometimes you just might get what you need!"....FFEJ

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