An earlier time

An earlier time
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Saturday, January 07, 2006

So Predictable!

Often times I am thrilled at the fact that some things in this world are so predictable. My children's behavior in certain situations can be accurately foreseen thereby saving me undue embarrassment and stress.(Although most times the masters of manipulation will still use and abuse you! Frustrating as it is, the American public's reactions are extremely expected and I assume much to the business world's delight. By far however, the most disheartening prognosis is the fibromyalgia that constantly keeps me in such pain. If only it's predictability could lead to it's avoidance!
Doctors are unaware at present as to what actually causes "fibro" but they do know some of the things that trigger episodes of it. One such trigger is the weather, or more accurately in my case...humidity. I can look at a weather forecast prior to bedtime and predict what time I will awaken in pain. My levels of pain and energy can change in an hours time as the humidity changes. The only beneficial outcome of paying attention to weather forecasts hour by hour details is the ability to plan housework around the fibro. My children are slowly learning how forecasts can aid them in knowing my overall demeanor which should help them if only they used working brain cells! boyz react like a pack of wolves often which causes many battles. A tortured old man clutches his throat in protection as he wades in to the valley of pain warring with two snarling animals who spew forth get the picture! Ah! If only the old man were blessed with the same degree of accuracy in predicting major world events! At least then he could be famous and in pain instead of enduring it in such anonymity! Amazing how situations in life can oft times be so predictable...and so inescapable!...Love to all...Jeff