An earlier time

An earlier time
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Saturday, October 08, 2005

The Cycle of the Ages

Man!...What is a supposed semi-intelligent human being supposed to think in light of recent happenings?...Is this actually a "cycle of the ages" coming to a close and another beginning? Or is our dear planet Earth wearing out from the stresses and strains we've put on it?...I happen to believe that this is the final dawning of the earth as predicted by many religions especially the Christian. Think about it!...One of the signs of the end times are earthquakes, floods, and famines and those that have always discounted Christianity have said that we have always had earthquakes, floods, and famines, so that particular sign is not a major consideration as to the truth of the religion. Seems to me that the disasters of late indicate that perhaps this was the actual type of changes Christ was referring to. Probably the single most indication to me of the validity of Christianity has been that of it's followers. Keep in mind that this is only my personal observation and interpretation!
I look at those closest to Christ...his disciples...Christ had died and in spite of his instructions one must consider the following..If Christ was dead and the disciples still alive human instinct for survival would have been the recourse for those he left other words, had there been any doubt whatsoever that he was who he said he was and that his words were true then the smartest thing the disciples could have done was to survive through any means at their denying their association with him (those that were with him were hunted individuals) or by fleeing. Not one of them would speak out against him after his resurrection and if you consult known historical documents especially "Fox's Book of Martyrs" you will find that all except one met a violent death as they still professed him to be the Messiah and his words true. Some will argue..."But look at Jim Jones and the ones that took poison for him in Guyana." Ok...true....BUT....that was a mass suicide whereas the disciples were standing alone over a period of years. I'm sure that there are some that would love to debate the point but it is one of the things that convince me.
These recent disasters are shocking to all of us that have grown up believing that such things could not possibly occur in modern times. They have certainly in the least alerted us to the fragile position we all occupy and should cause us to reflect on what is truly important in life and the degree to which we should savor each day of our existence. Whether it is the normal cycle of the ages in the growth and evolution of our planet or God's way of bringing a cleansing to his creation, suffice it to say that man must now acknowledge his lack of control and open his mind to the possibilities. Love to all....Jeff