An earlier time

An earlier time
My autographed "Bobby Seale" copy

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

First Dance

Isn't it wonderful when your children reach certain milestones, especially ones that you remember reaching yourself? My son Zak came in excitedly yesterday and handed me a pair of pants and a shirt and said "You need to wash these Daddy, I need to wear them to the dance!" When I inquired as to what dance where and when, he proceeded to tell me that a friend of his in the neighborhood had set him up with her girlfriend at a different school to go to the dance with her. "She sounds nice Daddy, I talked to her on the phone!" He added,"You know girls talk on the phone an awful lot!" Oh the world of discovery begin! After a period of silence watching TV he looked at me and asked,"You aren't going to make fun of me are you Daddy?" "No way! I think it's great!" was my reply. And I do. I want every transition and experience in life to be fantastic for both my sons. This is his first inning in a lifelong ball game and win or lose in the end I want him to enjoy the game. He is beginning to care about his appearance and desires to make a good impression. I have been waiting for the day to come that he would do just that. It makes all the hardships of raising children worthwhile when you experience something like that! I also let out a sigh of relief that he is interested in members of the opposite sex in a normal, healthy fashion. I feel as if there is a different feeling between us too and it uplifts my heart to know that he is willing to ask for my help and advice.
First dances can be great and I remember my own. I only hope he enjoys the total experience at least half as much as I did!...Love to all....Jeff