An earlier time

An earlier time
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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Designated Assignments

I am convinced that children have designated assignments as they go through the stages of life. Furthermore it seems that having more than one child causes them to work in shifts to insure that a parent experiences as much hardship and pain as is humanly possible. That also applies to joy and happiness although it depends on the perception. My children have become experts in terrorism excelling in torture tactics and demolition. They derive their joy and happiness at times in using their "gifts" to bring their dad to the brink of a stroke or, at the least, a nervous breakdown. If one child slips up, begins following the rules by giving it his best, and making Dad happy, the other child picks up the slack by utilizing all the torture tactics in his repertoire to counter Dad's happiness! Case in point....Lennon has normally given me the most problems in school to deal with. The problems are varied...behavior, reading comprehension, math processes etc. but not all at the same time or during the same year. Until our move east Zak was an A/B Honor Roll student. This year in particular, Lennon is progressing satisfactorily but Zak.....AAAAARRRGGGGHHH!....MIDDLE SCHOOL!!!....He has become Mr. Know-it-all (yet knows little!)....Mr. Mouth....Mr. Uncooperative....Mr. I-Am-Way-Too-Cool....Mr. I-Don't-Like-It-So-I'll-Just-Forget-It. The only mark so far as to his favor (if you want to put it like that!) is that the school personnel in an oversight did not give him his medication at school for the first 20 days. Now I am left to wade through the mess and must help get this wonderful little boy back on track. I have encorporated the help of his doctor and staff and we're going to get the problem solved. This is only one case among many.
Being a parent is the most difficult job I have ever had and I am determined to do it to the best of my ability. I only hope that soon the law of averages will kick in and give me a break with both of them performing wonderfully at the same time. It sure seems as if their assignments are designated and designed to keep me busy for years to to all.....Jeff