An earlier time

An earlier time
My autographed "Bobby Seale" copy

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Music Again!....well almost!

Anyone that knows me very well knows my distractions...the greatest being music. I nearly went into cardiac arrest (evidenced in a previous post!) when I found a legal download site that had full albums as low as 72 cents or you could pull any song off the albums as low as 10 cents apiece! They also gave me 100 free songs when I signed up. Now after sinking to a new, lower level of poverty I have been downloading free downloads from many websites of unsigned artists. Using a very selective process I have found so much wonderful music! Many of these artists should have a recording contract. Much of the small amount of time I actually spend on the computer anymore is spent amassing one amazing library (and backup!) from around the world of sounds and styles that I love!...It appears to be my only form of release at the present! The parent/s of ADHD children need some form of release and I am saving the serial killer thing for my enjoyment in later life should I be fortunate enough to live that! Headphones come in handy on those bad mornings when I awake at 3:30 AM and have to sit up to ease the pain and these type of mornings occur more frequently of late. Besides, it affords me some form of entertainment until my body loosens up enough for me to be able to position my signaling device outside in hopes that the beings of my home planet will one day home in and rescue me from Earths gravitational pull and thereby reverse the damage it has caused to my body.
I can't help but feel guilty for not posting more here but music is also a release, my major distraction, and my hearing needs to be used often before it deteriorates with the rest of that unfortunate mass that is me. Love to all and I am truly sorry that your planet seems to be deteriorating at the same rate....Jeff...or as my homeboys call me...kinutuplee