An earlier time

An earlier time
My autographed "Bobby Seale" copy

Saturday, November 19, 2005

And the Breaking Point Is?

Don't think for a minute that I have no idea of prison! After declaring my beloved van beyond hope I had it removed from life support and it passed into that new car dealership in the sky. This left me without a vehicle at all. My ex helped out by running errands for me and occasionally taking me where I had to go but for the most part I have been a prisoner at home. I rise early each day and begin the "School Day Marathon" (which, by the way, is no marathon after they are at school....the school day just isn't long enough then!) After they leave for school I have the pleasure of spending time on the planet "Garbage Dump" (at least that is the appearance of the world around me!) I certainly cannot tolerate living in a mess so no matter what kind of pain I am in...this planet must be eradicated or left behind. As previously stated though, I am now trapped so flight is no longer an option. So, with my constant companion Shadow Dog (a mentally disturbed planetary traveler that fate has placed in my cell here at the "rock") I begin the monumental task of debris removal. Simple, huh?...Well, you just haven't been paying attention have you? Nothing is ever simple for me. Nothing! I have been in the process of obtaining a loan to purchase an escape vehicle. Since my home was completely paid for I attempted to get enough money on it to complete the task. All appeared to go well until I discovered that the data tag that is glued to the inside of manufactured homes was missing on mine. The appraiser has to photograph the HUD label on the outside and the data tag on the inside or the loan won't go through. Okay, since mine was missing I had to contact the company to obtain a copy. Simple, huh?...That's right!...No way! The following problems came at by one! 1.) The plant that manufactured mine had since shut down!...(Couldn't have seen that one coming, eh?) 2.) The company that owned the plant had sold out to another company...(Wow! The powers that be had to work to set me up for this torture!) 3.) Numerous phone calls resulted in a chance to meet (and despise!) people in at least 5 states...each person giving me a number to another place where the plant records may have been sent. 4.) My lender, in the meantime, is continually asking me if I have checked the closets to see if it is posted there...(Guess there's many people not bright enough to look in 3 closets at least 5 times and be trusted when they say, "It's not there!!!")
The powers that force this kind of situation on me on a regular basis obviously haven't taken note of my tenacity in dealing with trauma and don't understand that I believe in the tactic of attacking until something quits moving...(and so far I haven't!) soooo....After spending my time on the phone and kicking through "earthchild debris" I finally found a human that told me, "Oh Plant 59...those records are in storage up the hill and this afternoon I will go there, pull the records, and email you a copy!"....I WANT THIS WOMAN!...SHE WAS THE ANTIDOTE TO MY POISON!...THE LIGHT IN MY BASEMENT!...I DECLARE HER MY QUEEN!...Upon receiving the document via email I proceeded to save it in 3 places on my computer, burn it to disc, and make enough copies to distribute to my next 300 descendants!
Now you may be saying to yourself..."Okay, now he's fine!"...Simple, huh?...You know. After many beautiful days of lower humidity the weather turned nasty...high humidity...colder temperatures, some rain and a great deal of pain! This all comprises only a small part of my tortured daily life of late but all is well. Once I figure out a way to escape...I will attack those powers that seem amused to abuse me and I will begin the quest for their breaking point. Hope they have been taking notes...I have!...Love to all and always remember...children are a lot like gasoline...when ignited, someone gets hurt...the cost is outrageous and the more you have the higher the risk of explosion! ...Jeff