An earlier time

An earlier time
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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Faith Is Difficult

Growing up in the church I was always told that many things in religion had to be "taken on faith". I also discovered that "taking things on faith" applied to other areas of life. I learned that many things told to me by parents, teachers, friends, and business required certain degrees of faith to facilitate virtue.
Raising children in todays climate has all of the generations prior saying "I just don't understand why kids today are like that" or "Things sure aren't like they used to be" and pointing to all sorts of reasons to explain the lack of moral fiber in children today. In my opinion the lack of moral fiber can be explained as lack of faith. Why is there a lack of faith? It's no wonder. Children put their faith in parents and so many parents destroy that with their own selfish concerns. They are asked to put their faith in teachers, who in previous generations seemed to work to build a child into an adult earning a child's trust and admiration, yet many of todays teachers treat them merely as statistical data to fund their livelihood. They are expected to put faith into scientific information that is constantly being changed or reversed. They try to put their faith in friends and are devastated when those friends put more emphasis on material things than trust and loyalty. They try to "take on faith" a government that they have been told is supposed to be aware of and responsive to the needs of its people only to see that government allow needless suffering instead.
Sometimes I just didn't understand why my children had no faith in what I was telling them considering the fact that I don't lie to them. After trying to look at the big picture from their perspective I understand their difficulty....and mine. Faith is difficult...especially when you can't see it work. The lack of faith in the world makes faith in their creator much more difficult to build! We're working on it and my faith must remain strong to get it right...yes, faith is difficult...but not impossible...Love to all, Jeff