An earlier time

An earlier time
My autographed "Bobby Seale" copy

Sunday, November 06, 2005

What it Takes!

Sometimes I have to marvel at the wisdom of our creator for the ways he has of getting our attention. I used to think that the deterioration of my body and its functions was designed to effectuate my submission to his plan for my existence. Obviously it wasn't enough!
On the way to visit my father, who is in a nursing home in Bryson City, my van broke down on the interstate. What a wonderful thing to happen with two ADHD children and a Shih Tzu with a separation anxiety complex in tow. Well, at least the dog seemed ok! As I sat smoking a cigarette and waited for Triple A to come tow us home, I actually managed a smile at our situation. I thought it an opportune time to show the boyz how one should take advantage of an unfortunate incident and use it as a positive. " Boyz! Isn't this something else? You know, if this had happened a year or two ago your dad would have been cursing this van and probably hurt himself kicking it. I've learned though that God wants us to use times like these in a different way. Right now we'll just enjoy watching the traffic go by and take in the scenery while we wait. Let's just call this another adventure!" My oldest son Zak looked up and said, "But this adventure stinks Dad!" I had to laugh at his reaction. "Yes son it does!" I agreed. To make a long story even I find myself without transportation and it seems to be taking some time to get something done about it. Yet this has given me more down time to examine myself and turn this into a positive. I walk a short distance each day to the bus stop, dog in tow, and have a few minutes of observing nature before the lions return and the struggle begins anew. God knows what he's doing and I am sure he's saying,"About time you admitted that about that 'callin' out the angel of death for a fight' thing you do when you get upset."